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Only Human After All

2018 hasn’t started the way I’d planned but that’s ok.

I have only walked approximately 5 miles towards the 1000 mile challenge I wanted to do this year.

I joined a gym in November that I have visited three times including the look around (and of course still pay for at the moment).

Last weekend, I was supposed to run the Brighton Half Marathon but with having done almost no training, I didn’t go.

My grandma’s health has taken another nose dive at the start of the year and some days I feel like staying in bed with the covers over my head pretending that everything is ok.

You could say that two months into 2018, I should give up and wait for next year to try again but no!

So I haven’t done things I thought I would have done by now but what I have done is appreciate what I do have and what I can achieve.

Instead of cramming in miles towards the walking challenge with my hiking boots on, I’ve pottered around Sheffield and Leeds in shoes with friends and family.

Instead of worrying about the gym, I’ve spent more time with family and finally booked to have a check up with the doctor about improving my health even more.

Instead of running the half marathon, I spent time with my best friend in London where I felt very happy thinking of old memories.

As for my grandma, I spent a lovely afternoon the other day simply sitting in the supermarket cafe having lunch and a cup of tea with her before helping her with her shopping. She enjoyed getting out of the house and I thoroughly enjoyed her company. We talked for hours about life, love and everything. Even though she forgets what you tell her, it was nice to say it all again an hour or two later.

It all goes to show that sometimes we need to cut ourselves some slack and realise that we are human. We can’t take on the world no matter how much we try and allowing ourselves to take some time out is often very welcome indeed.

Always be grateful for the people and good things in life as this is what truly matters.

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Redbridge Kidsmeet 2018

I have just returned from the most exciting few days back in London where I attended the BETT show with the Digital Leaders and facilitated the Borough of Redbridge Kidsmeet hosted at non other than my old stomping ground, Redbridge Primary School. Back in May 2016, in my role as Computing Leader, I built links with a teacher in Pakistan called Lubna Malik. She wanted to have a school in the UK to share and collaborate with. The Digital Leaders of Redbridge Primary gladly showed her around school and explained their role as Digital Leaders. We said that we would aim to do some follow up work at the BETT show in January 2018 and here we are. Using a model I had shared, she has set up 8 Digital Leaders in Lahore, Pakistan and the plan was for them to meet our children in London. It had evolved some what from the original plan as she couldn’t get sponsorship to bring the children over to the UK but instead, I invited her to share her ideas and experiences at a kidsmeet for our borough. With help from a number of sources, Digital Leaders from Oakdale Junior and Manford Primary Schools join the Redbridge Primary Digital Leaders to share how we conduct our roles in our own schools. There was so much to learn from each other!

The afternoon saw the children work in mixed school teams to find a way to greet the children in Pakistan, using a range of technology. My personal favourites included using a Crumble controller to flash lights like Morse code to say “hello from London” and a group who made a Scratch project to introduce themselves in English and Urdu. Most of all, it was such a huge pleasure to return to a school I will always hold dear to me and to be in and amongst the wonderful community of children and staff alike. It was a truly memorable week and I’ll spend half term looking at what next as I can’t wait to see the follow up from this.

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Challenge 2018

Looking ahead to next year, I’ve decided to focus on my health as a matter of priority.

I will be working in Doncaster until July. It is a long drive twice a day and a test of mental strength to concentrate through the dark, cold rush hour journeys. I only know how to give 100% and work long days to do my best but it’s all very tiring.

With this in mind, I have joined a gym to help me unwind at the end of a hard day. Although I’ve always been against gyms when we have natural treadmills in hills and mountains, I need a quick fix through the winter to train for the Brighton Half Marathon and I have to say I quite enjoy it.

Liking a challenge as I do, yes, 25th February sees me line up to run (and walk) 13.1 miles along Brighton promenade. I am not a fan of running so this is a huge challenge on many levels and one that I’ll be proud to attempt.
I have also signed up to walk 1000 miles through out the course of the year. It’s part of a walking challenge set by the Country Walking magazine. Part of this is likely to include seeing a return to Hadrian’s Wall to walk all 84 miles again as I did Easter 2017 but this time I’ll walk the other way, East to West and take walking sticks!

I will be setting up social media to post photos, videos and post blogs about my travels and I’m hoping to raise money for smaller charities. Watch this space.

I can’t wait for 1st January… bring it on!

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Never Give Up

There’s a cold going round which I have unfortunately been fighting for the last two weeks but it certainly hasn’t stopped me.

During my half term week, I returned to the South to see old friends and colleagues at Redbridge Primary. I was instantly boosted and uplifted by the outstanding work taking place there and the excitement of the children to be back with their peers. Seeing how hard working the incredible staff are giving their all for the children and never giving up reminded me why I love teaching so much. Teachers can make a real difference.

I have also taken the opportunity to get outdoors for a few hikes recently too. I pottered around Queensdown Meadow in Kent and then returned to the Yorkshire Dales to hike at Malham Cove. 

With all this said, in the spirit of this blog post title, my own determination and resilience was tested yesterday as I attempted to hike up Kinder Scout. If you don’t know, it’s the main peak in the Peak District and is well known for being very boggy. Although I went with a friend, we soon found ourselves literally knee deep in mud and had to use all of our might to plod through the terrain. After an hour and not being much further forward, we decided to head back slightly and take a different route due to the daylight fading. Although it felt like giving up at the time, it was important to stay safe and make a new plan.

The dark soon came and we had to use torches for the last 2 miles as it was pitch black in the fields. Had we not have been prepared with maps and torches, we would have been stuck. It all goes to show how when you are determined, you can achieve anything but you must be prepared for whatever challenges you face. 

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Walking in a Group

Walking is good for the soul. Getting exercise, being in the great outdoors, challenging yourself. These are all great reasons to walk but for me, the best thing is when I walk as part of a walking group.

Not only is it reassuring to have multiple minds checking the route but it’s also an excellent way to meet new people with a shared interest.

This weekend I found myself getting up early to drive over the Pennines towards Manchester for the start of a nice gentle 10 mile hike. The route took us along the canal before a steep climb up towards Saddleworth and round a reservoir. A quick stop for lunch and a thoroughly enjoyable day out.

All this on the back of all the hikes I have done in the Lake District recently. There really is a lot to be said for a nice walk.

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The Lake District

I am currently in the Lake district for the second time in two weeks.

On 30th September, I’m very proud to say that I completed a 22.2 mile walk around Ullswater but once again got blisters (just like when I walked Hadrian’s Wall Walk at Easter). It took 10.5 hours and finished in the dark. Not to be deterred, I did manage to climb a mountain on the 3rd October. It was called Pike of Blisco which is the 112th highest in England and one the famous Wainrights.

This weekend is an opportunity to relax here with friends before starting a new short term placement in a school on Monday. I will be teaching children aged 5-7 in Doncaster until Christmas. Last week I taught them briefly which was the first time in a classroom since leaving Redbridge in July. Although I was nervous, I soon relaxed when I saw the children and it reminded me how much I love my job!

My half term is different from most other schools which means I will be in London for the week beginning 30th October. Here’s hoping I can catch up with old friends.

I’m off to pack my things for a boat tour now despite it raining again. Seems to be the main weather here in the Lakes.

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After a couple of weeks recovering from illness post Nepal, I found myself on my maiden training run in Huddersfield. It was very hard and I didn’t manage to go very far but it’s a start.

With a few days spare, I hopped on a train and headed to the incredible, historic city of Edinburgh. As Scotland has recently been voted the most beautiful country in the world, it seemed like a good time to come.

I have been blown away with the place! The people are so friendly, the sea is visible and it’s surrounded by hills and mountains. What more could I possibly ask of a city? I will be heading to the castle tomorrow for the 1pm gun salute and I had the best time climbing Arthur’s Seat yesterday. 

I return to Yorkshire to sleep tomorrow before heading off to my other favourite city…London! I always wanted to visit Colchester so I have weekend plans back in my old stomping ground of Essex while I’m down South.

These capital cities aren’t half bad…

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Family time

It’s been lovely being home with my family and catching up. Trips to North Yorkshire and now Palma have been great (I’m sitting in Manchester airport again writing this). Spending time with family is the most valuable thing one can do but it did make me think of all those less fortunate. People who have lost loved ones in the recent floods in Asia and the USA. Other natural disasters or indeed attacks such as the most recent in Barcelona.

As children return to school having spent the summer hopefully having fun, they will value the love and support show by their family, the school and other trusted adults. 

Family comes in all shapes and sizes from parents and carers to groups and communities. No matter what your family looks like, value them and always remember that there’s always someone to turn to no matter what.

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Beyond the Comfort Zone

Anyone who knows me, knows how I adore hiking but hate running. My knee clicks, my cardio is useless and my pace is terrible. I moan at the thought of my legs pounding tarmac but totally admire people who do run and who complete running events.

Image Source

With all of this in mind, yesterday I registered for the Brighton Half marathon in February. 

Having spent a whole month in the company of fellow professionals in Nepal, some had already signed up and asked if anyone fancied joining in. As I face a new chapter in my life, I decided that pushing myself to be at the greatest depth out of my comfort zone by running was a great start! It will be a real challenge to stay motivated, train and be prepared but I have downloaded a ‘Couch to 5K’ app and enquired about top tips so I’ll keep updating my progress on here.

You can if you think you can…!

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Home Sweet Home

I have officially just landed back in the UK!

I can’t contain my excitement at the thought of a warm shower, dry floor, tarmac road and bed that has a real mattress. To see my family (and dog) have kept me going for the whole month while being away but now I’m back, it’s given me chance to reflect on one of the toughest months of my life.

Having spent 27 whole days in Nepal (specifically Kathmandu), I can honestly say that it’s my longest time away from home and first trip to Asia ever. Having done long haul flights to the USA before, the travel was very manageable with a total of between 18 and 26 hours travel time including all lay overs and transfers. Oman Air was an excellent airline to fly with and everything ran to time. The only complaint I have is that my luggage is still in Muscat when I am on British soil. Whoops…

The only trouble with such a long journey time was that I left the UK on Sunday 30th July and arrived at 10pm Monday night 31st July in Nepal. The very next day was straight into training at the Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN) charity headquarters. Although informative and usful, with such fatigue, I was already starting on the back foot.

It didn’t help that the living conditions at the Teach for Nepal house where we stayed for most of the time were even worse than I expected (and I thought I’d prepared for the worst). Wet floors everywhere, cramped bed (I initially had the top bunk with low ceiling), ants and cockroaches, cold showers…I could go on. The dust, grime and potholes ‘roads’ throughout the city made it mentally very challenging but I believed that I would adjust but it would just take time.

Long hours planning for the delivery of the training sessions and four back to back conference days with the local teachers meant that week one was a wall of tasks with no chance to recover from illness. It was on the first Saturday that I ended up in hospital and but for the excellent teams leaders Emma and Pierre coupled with the other fellows good will, I would have probably given up right there.

Luckily, there was some chance to recover in the second weekend in Pokhara. The fresh air and green surroundings were most welcome having worked solidly for two weeks and paragliding here was a real highlight. Sadly though, we had to return to the city where I took another turn for the worse and ended up spending most of two days in bed with a fever at the end of week 3. Also unfortunate that the initial team leaders left too which was a blow for a very well established and supportive team with a well-oiled routine.

The other fellows in the group were all excellent professionals with a range of experience in both Primary and Secondary. Some teachers were even checking their students GCSE results the other day with great pride! Such dedication. I have been privileged to meet a whole bunch of great fellow educators and hope to share further ideas with them down the line.

Would I do this Nepal project again? No. I was ill at the start and never really returned from there which hampered the whole experience. Would I work with LRTT again? Yes. I’d consider another project elsewhere or an improved version of this one. Was I happy with the partnership with VIN? Yes on the whole as they have a great vision for the empowerment of all people in Nepal. There are many points to take from it and I know that LRTT always strive to improve projects each year and I’m sure that this particular project will be worked on further.

I am however very proud of the thought that all of us on the project this year have tried to make an impact on at least a handful of Nepalese teachers who I know will improve teaching and learning for the children in their schools. Now that’s worth celebrating with a nice cup of tea and a yummy Sunday roast with my grandma tomorrow. 🙂