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Beyond the Comfort Zone

Anyone who knows me, knows how I adore hiking but hate running. My knee clicks, my cardio is useless and my pace is terrible. I moan at the thought of my legs pounding tarmac but totally admire people who do run and who complete running events.

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With all of this in mind, yesterday I registered for the Brighton Half marathon in February. 

Having spent a whole month in the company of fellow professionals in Nepal, some had already signed up and asked if anyone fancied joining in. As I face a new chapter in my life, I decided that pushing myself to be at the greatest depth out of my comfort zone by running was a great start! It will be a real challenge to stay motivated, train and be prepared but I have downloaded a ‘Couch to 5K’ app and enquired about top tips so I’ll keep updating my progress on here.

You can if you think you can…!


2 thoughts on “Beyond the Comfort Zone

    1. That would be amazing although I’m not sure you’ll see much of me. I guess it depends how slowly I run (it may even be a walk a some points as I’m an awful runner). I can’t wait for school to start and read the first newsletter of the new year.


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