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Having worked solidly for two weeks, we endured the 8 hour bus ride to Pokhara on Saturday for a rest. The thing that struck me the most was the clean air, tarmaced roads and GREEN! Although it’s Nepal’s second biggest city, the surrounding scenery is some of the best I’ve ever seen. It gives the Lake District a run for its money.

Whilst here, I have visited a fast river called Devis Falls, been inside a bat cave, walked over a suspension bridge, hiked through a jungle, had a boat rowed across the lake, seen a Peace Pagoda, paraglided through the clouds and zip lined along the steepest, fastetest zip line in the world! Sadly though I once again bashed my head at the end of the zip line due to the speed it was going but luckily I had a helmet on so I’m ok now.

You can just make put the wires for the zip line on the right.

This kind man was my partner for paragliding. He steered the parachute and got me safely down off the mountain. The scariest part was having to run down a hill and over the edge of the cliff to get up into the air!

Tomorrow will be at least 8 hours back along the so called roads to Kathmandu (they are so full of potholes due to being washed away during the monsoon season).


3 thoughts on “Pokhara

  1. Not again Miss Steel you are like Mr Bump 🙂 you must be more careful. I can’t believe there is a monkey temple in Nepal and you caught a cockroach too!
    It is funny you mentioned Lake District, I am in Lake District now with my family and it is a beautiful place with lots of sheeps, big trees and mountains. We went hiking every day and made me think of you. Also I love throwing stones in the lake.


    1. I am indeed like Mr Bump, you’re right. Today I have a fever and have been unwell. I don’t think Nepal agrees with me.
      I absolutely love the Lake District. I am going to walk 20 miles around Ullswater Lake at the end of next month. One of my favourite places is Pooley Bridge in the North and I really want to climb a mountain called Helvellyn if you see it.
      I’m so glad you’re hiking lots. I can’t wait to get out into the hills with the sheep when I return to the UK. It’s so dusty here that I hardly see anything green in the city. I hope you enjoy your holiday.


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