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18th Emergency

Hello from a very rainy Sheffield. I’ve just returned from Decathlon, Go Outdoors and the Supermarket with loads of goodies courtesy of very kind people having given me vouchers… you know who you are. I felt like a child in a sweet shop as I purchased a Kagool, travel towel, hiking sandals, inflatable sleeping mat and my personal favourite, a multi use travel pillow!

It did make me think about the climate in Nepal today. As it’s monsoon season but with high humidity, it’s hard to know what to pack. 

In addition to this, Nepal is at high altitude and apparently even the beds have very thin mattresses.

Even the small things like how many pairs of socks to pack and how to keep my Cholera sachets below 25 degrees in transit become main thinking points.

My next task is to find the suitcase (I haven’t used it in 7 years as I usually only take hand luggage) and pack everything for all conditions.

It all made me think of a book I read as a child called ‘The Eighteenth Emergency’ by Betsy Byars about a school child who prepares for every eventuality. On the same theme, a story I used at the start of my teaching career called ‘Scaredy Squirell’ who has a plan for avoiding bad things. However, one day, the worst thing happens and he realises that although it didn’t go to plan, it wasn’t so scary after all…
It just goes to show that as long as I have a passport, an open mind and a great team around me, I’m hopeful that the next month will be as rewarding as it seems.


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